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multifacetsflux ~<>~:: metaphysic voyage...exploring a vast unconsciousness

knee deep, rising above universal sludge..yellow cosmic warrior adventures

L. Jewell
11 September
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I am here as the yellow cosmic warrior on the Mayan calendar.

"I endure in order to question
Transcending fearlessness.
I seal the output of intelligence
With the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of universal fire."

Born as a literalist, I translate environments by understanding the language of colliding cultures.

A neophyte artist at this time in my life journey.

I rediscovered my artistic abilities because my eldest sister, my greatest advocate, reminded me that I am the family artist. I had forgotten.

That's when I designed my artsite through an NEA grant in 1997. I like to work with wood, oils and multimedia such as creating digital art, and I sketch with charcoals. I'm still defining my concepts as I write. As of the summer of 1998, I developed oil painted pine paneled room dividers with various motifs from the classic to the psychedelic. I list my concepts on many small notes and intend to develop the larger ideas very soon.

I survive my mundane daily existence by working at a bank as a telephone banker, i really miss working at my kid's (my greatest creations ever) school as a Graphic Arts Professional Expert/Yard Supervisor. My goal is to finish my degree in art therapy and to run an arts collective and make functional art for a living.. In this world though I find it difficult to take myself seriously, knowing it's a powerful illusion.

Ok, so I don't have much time for developing my art, music, web design and gardening projects, but I'm working on getting to that point. If my art is great, it may never be popular in my lifetime anyway, ya know?

I do it because it reminds me of who I am, shows me the beauty and joy in this world, and helps me to understand the world I live in and my reason for being in the physical world.

'Reach within
and pull out
all your entrails
to see what they spell
you can use the egg or chicken
for sympathy
in africa,
the material is used
to understand
the immaterial
empower both your genders
and do what you will
with your illusion
on this plane.'
code name:
Multifacetsflux Yellow Cosmic Goddess Warrior

Other interests include: lemonade, tantra, gardens, alfred hitchcock, percussion, ecstasy, brian eno, jesus christ, sound, nina simone, bruce lee, marvin gaye, voodoo, merlot, the usual suspects, intuition, vivaldi, the sex pistols, grapes, zebras, x files, espresso, prayer, rowing, lemons, hermann hesse, adobe photoshop, william burroughs, telepathy, stevie wonder, giraffes, eagles, bridges, the universe, charlie parker, sandalwood, discovery, humanity, forgiveness, mangoes, seeing, rumi, alanis morrisette, wilderness, recovery, eve, dalai lama, mahler, parapsychology, clarity, communicating, horticulture, homer, burgundy, eternity, epiphanies, b&d, atmosphere, pilates, hawks, remembering, synchronicity, the desert, rhythm, whimsy, catharsis, tango, the wind, hummingbirds, ozomatli, digable planets, ray charles, serendipity, altered states, classic literature, thelonius monk, the twilight zone, the vampire chronicles, d'angelo, seal, eros, public radio, albert einstein, relativity, skyscrapers, galaxies, goddess worship, gourmet food, tantric sex, carlos castaneda, p-funk, morocco, jungles, yahoo clubs, almodovar, gypsy kings, mazes, ds9, british columbia, peter tosh, live theatre, herbal remedies, recording music, rain forests, tibetan buddhism, siberian huskies, tabla, mandalas, superheros, romania, samba, avatars, cupid, tahiti, wolfgang amadeus mozart, snakeskin, gustav mahler, pinot noir, dinah washington, indonesia, shamans, yosemite, release, parliament funkadelic, lovemaking, alaskan malamutes, yoruba, collective unconscious, the basketball diaries, fresh fruit, qi gong, to be continued, kava, expressing myself, c.g. jung, khalil gibran, borneo, sexy shoes, swahili, frankness, the amazon, warehouses, bastet, astonomy, sexual healing, kundalini yoga, jeet kun do, escargot, yin/yang, urban myths, universal love, sara vaughn, senegal, self realization, balanced chakras, art house films, yo yo ma, french windows, baduism, new guinea, my muse, fiji, gris gris, indigenous culture, bernardo bertolucci, cristal, egyptian pyramids, tantrika, my ancestors, yerba mate, pouty lips, bach flower remedies, komodo dragons, turkey-the country, superheroines, the yellow cosmic warrior, thigh high stiletto boots, the mahabrahata, white magik, black irises, wild is the wind, butterfly bushes, petit shiraz, writing personals, peter glass, egrets, riffin' sounds, merging, wolfgang von goethe, wild orchids, the baltic, conceptualizing, a good suit, voluptuous satin, emerging, indigenous american culture, clear auras, the global village, overhearing, la provencal, african culture, antelopes, tension/release, the silver cord, cabernet sauvinon, astral journeys, the south pacific, rara avises, the glass bead game, delicious villians, deep feelings, siddarta, impressionist art, clean fingernails, innervisions, fomenting resolutions, old movie theatres, the age of aquarius, kegels, sweet relief, sound and vision, double fantasy, incandescence, artistic movement, warm and fuzzy feelings, cesaria evora, big windows, what's goin' on, riuichi sakamoto, fluorescence, the tango and salsa, envisioning, pan sexuality, mojos, evolutionary astrology, venus aphrodite, plum village meditation, a global village, dramatic makeup, vivacity, cabbage roses, the suigeneris, stanley clarke, our galaxy, evolved and soulful men, t'ai ch'i chu'an, paragenesis, madagascar, the sphinx, the dictaphone, boeuf bourginon, throwing bones, macchu pichu, maharliki mahikari, aztec and mayan temples, tendersticks, black fishnets, healing hands, the mayan calendar, the burning man, masai warriors, balinese dance, celtic runes, lingam, mau maus, the course in miracles, swinging my hips, my yoni, atomic dog

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