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day 415!! of dreaming this alive.. #multifacetsflux #makingartdaily #artfundsupportreallife 08.02.15 - multifacetsflux ~<>~:: metaphysic voyage...exploring a vast unconsciousness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
L. Jewell

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day 415!! of dreaming this alive.. #multifacetsflux #makingartdaily #artfundsupportreallife 08.02.15 [Aug. 2nd, 2015|06:00 pm]
L. Jewell
and i'm happy to continue make time for MfA&D© manifestation practice! even when not posting about it, i'm working my creative visualization practice though and answering what i will do with RV prosperity funds..
i repeat myself to manifest - 17 seconds to ground compounded
2 new commissions; one for tarot card designs and another for website design!!!
making great strides with daily art treasure boxes (up to 32 boxes), got my first lining sample of pink brocade on saturday 071115, dear friends are donating some remnants they have lying around faux fur and felt!!,
paintings (3 new ones) random drawings and ngame creatrix sketches & comic book panels are coming soon!!
my first & commissions for natal born day myth paintings are lagging right now..
continuing to organize my space with shelves
making prototypes of garden starter kit
making basic needs lists for bottle lamps
continually working on symbols, animals and random energy and fantasy
architectural drawings
working on finishing the architectural and landscape draft rendering, layout and elevation for MfA&D©.. draft to post soon ..
I AM GRATEFUL for being able to build MfA&D© Electra Sanctuary© ART Therapy Healing Center© & Divine Family Foundation© into reality!!
focusing with creative visualization & manifesting the RV Prosperity funds I AM paying off my debt and my family's debt, funding all their evolutionary projects, completing my education, purchasing land for my live/work my Multifacetsflux Functional Art & Design© functional live/work art studio & gallery atelier, recording studio & amphitheatre..
all state of the art & built with recycleables..
with kiln, glassery library and chotchski store.. with a fresh from the garden MfA&D Public Kitchen and permaculture self-sustaining kitchen herb & vegetable gardens, animal sanctuary, apiary, aviary, scented & botanical gardens, vineyards, orchards, greenhouse, meadow, gym, spa and lap pool..
at Multifacetsflux Functional© public kitchen we are feeding everyone who comes by.. our MfA&D© Kementerra Gardens©: multifacetsflux Functional Art & Design ©has a roadside food stand where anyone can come by and pick up what they need..
a communal place for me and my fellow hue-man beings to become divinely functional and give our gifts to the world..
MfA&D© will have barn raisings to build tiny houses for anyone who needs a place to live which they can take with them or we can find a place for them to homestead..
I AM beginning my Divine Family foundation to house, support and educate mothers & fathers with growing children and
start Green Jobs© (tm, r, c) program to clean up the planet..
and i'd travel...
to be continued...
So be it and so it is! Amen! I AM SO THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL for the progress i'm making!!!
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